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Today, thanks to STODIES ,
the business world has become an
even playing field whether you’re an entrepreneur
from a first, second, or third world country.

STODIES LTD: Why You Need Us!

For entrepreneurs who don’t live in the United Kingdom or the United States, starting an e-commerce business can be overwhelming. At STODIES Ltd, we believe everyone is equal, and that should include the sometimes-complicated world of business. That’s where the idea of STODIES Ltd came from; because we understand that not all countries support start-ups, which places entrepreneurs from other countries at a distinct disadvantage. So, in order to ensure that your e-commerce journey is not over before it even starts, and to level the playing field for all entrepreneurs, STODIES Ltd will guide you through the entire process of starting your E-commerce business anywhere in the world.

On your behalf, STODIES Ltd will open a Limited company in London, with a UK Stripe Account, plus Payoneer Business & TransferWise accounts. We’ll make sure you have access to the right accountants and legal experts according to your business model, and we’ll be there to help you every step of the way as you begin your E-commerce journey.

Your Company Ltd, London

9-days is all it takes to get your business going in London, the 3rd largest start-up hub in the world

Payment processing will be fast and uncomplicated

STODIES LTD guarantees that every business will receive our personal attention and our best customer service

Payment processing will be fast and uncomplicated

With your safe and trusted UK Stripe Account, and Payoneer & TransferWise Accounts, your business can start operating immediately

Payment processing will be fast and uncomplicated

STODIES LTD guarantees that every business will receive our personal attention and our best customer service

  • Limited Company Formation in London (United Kingdom)
  • (UK) Business Stripe Account
  • (UK) Business Transferwise Account 
  • Consultation to open Paypal UK Account
  • Integrate Stripe In Shopify Or different Shopify platforms. (For example Woocommerce, Bigcommerce…)
  •  Review Your Request (check your order for if there are any issues)
  • Email Copy of Certificate of Incorporation(Submitted by E-mail.)
  • Email Copy of Memorandum & Articles of Association(Submitted by E-mail..)
  • Email Copy of Share Certificate(s) (Submitted by E-mail..)
  • Email Copy of Company Registers with 1st Entries (Submitted by E-mail..)
  • Registered Office Address, London
  • Free PO BOX in the UK 
  • Service Address London 
    (1 year free then 49.00 / year) 
    Protecting the privacy of an officer’s home address.
  • Introduction to Accountants and Legal specialists
  • Printed Certificate of Incorporation
  • Printed Share Certificate(s)
  • Free .com domain
  • Google AdWords voucher
  • (Gifts) Original  Netflix HD Account 4K Premium for 12 Months + T-shirt
  • Warranty Period 12-Months

You Too Can Access Our Complete E-Commerce Start-Up Package

STODIES Ltd offers full service. We will ensure you have access to everything required to commence a fully operational E-commerce business. Simply complete our form, then leave the rest to the professional team at STODIES Ltd!


We partner with companies of all sizes, all around the world

Accept Direct Credit & Debit Card Payments on your Store

Perhaps the most important problem facing the owners of E-commerce stores in most countries in the Arab world is to accept payment by bank cards on their stores. This is because most of the companies that provide this gap do not support the Arab countries…

With STODIES Ltd, this has become a problem of the past. We will activate this package on your store to support all bank cards from Visa, Mastercard …

Motivational Gift 🎁 To Remember Your Goals

Need Help Staying Motivated?

We have designed this special T-shirt to remind you that your business dreams can come true. And that is why STODIES Ltd. is here to keep you on track and to ensure that you and other entrepreneurs like you have equal access to the global marketplace. 

How Long Does The Process Take?

Our process takes 7-14 days from the date of your submission.

Day 1

We Receive Your Submitted Application

Day 2

We Review Your Application, Then Ask for Payment of Our Fees

Day 3

Your Limited Company Will Be Formed In London

Day 4

Your Limited Company Will Be Formed In London

Day 5

Your Transferwise Account Will Be Created

Day 6

Your UK Stripe Account and TransferWise Accounts Will Be Created

Day 7-14

You Will Receive Your New E-Commerce Company Documents Via Email


  • Limited Company Formation in London (United Kingdom)
  • (UK) Stripe Account
  • (UK) Transferwise Account (With Credit Card)
  • Provide You With Accountants
  • Consultation to open Paypal UK Account
  • General solutions to your ecommerce business
  • Consultancy to open Shopify payments
  • Personal Support
  • Price: $295
  • Price: $349



  • Form a C Corporation or Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Delaware
  • Create a U.S. Stripe account (They Don't Accept Dropshippers)
  • Connect to legal and tax experts
  • Open a U.S. business bank account
  • (UK) Payoneer Account
  • Shopify payments
  • (UK) PayPal Account
  • (UK) Tide Account
  • Free PO BOX in the UK
  • Personal Support
  • Work with eCommerce entrepreneurs who know how to solve issues
  • Value: $300
  • Price: $500


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Most frequent questions and answers

STODIES Ltd offers a full service, meaning that your Limited company will be open for business once you receive your e-commerce company documents by email. At the same time, your UK Stripe Account will be ready to go! From our point of view, the process is very simple. STODIES Ltd will set you up with a Limited company in the United Kingdom, and through this company, you will run your business. A UK Stripe Account will be set up for your business to handle all your paperwork. This is a legitimate UK company through which you can successfully run your e-commerce business. You will be provided with a UK address, and STODIES Ltd will make sure you have access to the right accountants for your particular business. Through this new E-commerce company, you can create Payoneer, TransferWise, and integrate your UK Stripe Account with Shopify.

Unfortunately, no one can guarantee anything 100% because all the companies mentioned above have their own policies. However, what we can say is that, in the United Kingdom, things typically work better than in the United States, possibly because they’re operated in a different way. Stripe’s aim is to get rid of bad sellers, and we all know who these businesses are. Unfortunately, because of these bad sellers, Stripe is tightening up and making things harder for everyone; sometimes closing the accounts of honest small business owners. If you are an overseas Drop-Shipper with an LLC, things may be more difficult for you if you don’t physically operate a business in the US.

At STODIES Ltd we charge a one-off fee of US$339. All going well, the whole process should take approximately one week. There may be additional service or documentation fees should complications arise, but these will be minimal.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question because the rate of Corporation Tax you will be asked to pay will depend entirely on how much profit your company makes. Please see here for further information:


Sales (Revenue) – Cost of Goods Sold (*) = Gross Profit (20% tax will be applied to gross profit, not to the revenue) 

(*) Your cost probably will be, Products cost, Your ads costs, Shopify costs, Payment fees, and other expenses.

If you want to learn more check this out: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/226158

No, you won’t be required to register for VAT because you are Drop-Shipping.

It’s a very difficult and expensive process for non-UK residents to open a business account; however, you will be able to if you have UK or EU residency. Fortunately, it’s not really necessary because most customers use a UK Stripe Account and Payoneer, and your TransferWise account will come with a debit card, so you shouldn’t have any problems at all. If you want a real British bank account contact us via E-mail


About Us

STODIES Ltd was founded in 2019 by Soufiane as a response to the market’s need for a solid solution for global entrepreneurs to do business in the UK. remotely. The founder has had years of background in entrepreneurship and understands business needs well.

Today services of STODIES Ltd include (but not limited to) the remote UK. company formation, bank account opening, merchant account setup (Stripe), business address services.

We do everything to make sure our clients’ experience of making a profit in the UK. is as seamless as it could be no matter what they do: E-commerce, selling goods on Shopify or Woocommerce, or other platforms.

You are welcome to join.



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